September 11th Events

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September 11th, 2007 (September 11 2007)EventRussia tests the largest conventional weapon ever, the Father of all bombs.
September 11th, 2005 (September 11 2005)EventThe State of Israel completes its unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip.
September 11th, 2004 (September 11 2004)EventAll passengers are killed when a helicopter crashes in the Aegean Sea. Passengers include Patriarch Peter VII of Alexandria and 16 others (including journalists and bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria).
September 11th, 2003 (September 11 2003)EventSwedish foreign minister Anna Lindh dies after being assaulted and fatally wounded on September 10.
September 11th, 2003 (September 11 2003)EventThe Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety enters into effect.
September 11th, 2002 (September 11 2002)EventThrough extreme and coordinated effort, The Pentagon is rededicated after repairs are completed, exactly one year after the attack on the building.
September 11th, 2001 (September 11 2001)EventCoordinated attacks result in the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York City, destruction of the western portion of The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and an unintentional passenger airliner crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania after airplane passengers fought back on the plane. In total, 2,974 people are killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks.
September 11th, 2000 (September 11 2000)EventActivists protest against the World Economic Forum meeting in Melbourne, Australia. See S11.
September 11th, 1998 (September 11 1998)EventIndependent counsel Kenneth Starr sends a report to the U.S. Congress accusing President Bill Clinton of 11 possible impeachable offenses.Bill Clinton Quotes
September 11th, 1998 (September 11 1998)EventOpening ceremony for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Malaysia was the first Asian country to host the games.
September 11th, 1997 (September 11 1997)EventNASA s Mars Global Surveyor reaches Mars.
September 11th, 1997 (September 11 1997)EventAfter a nationwide referendum, Scotland votes to establish a devolved parliament, within the United Kingdom. Devo Quotes
September 11th, 1996 (September 11 1996)EventUnion Pacific Railroad purchases Southern Pacific Railroad.
September 11th, 1994 (September 11 1994)EventFrank Eugene Corder steals a Cessna plane, intending to crash it into the White House.
September 11th, 1992 (September 11 1992)EventHurricane Iniki, one of the most damaging hurricanes in United States history , devastates the State of Hawaii, especially the islands of Kauai and Oahu.
September 11th, 1990 (September 11 1990)EventU.S. President George H. W. Bush delivers a nationally televised speech in which he threatens the use of force to remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait, which Iraq had recently invadedied in He mentions the term "New World Order" in this speech for the first time, which is also named "Towards a New World Order".(full text of the speech)George H. W. Bush Quotes
September 11th, 1989 (September 11 1989)EventThe iron curtain opens between the communist Hungary and Austria. From Hungary thousands of East Germans throng to Austria and West Germany.
September 11th, 1987 (September 11 1987)EventDan Rather walks off the set of the CBS Evening News over disapproval of the handling of a major event being interrupted and postponed by a sports program, leaving six minutes of dead air.
September 11th, 1985 (September 11 1985)EventBaseball: Pete Rose gets his 4,192nd career base hit, breaking Ty Cobb s record which stood for over 60 years.
September 11th, 1982 (September 11 1982)EventThe international forces, which were guaranteeing the safety of Palestinian refugees following Israel s 1982 Invasion of Lebanon, left Beirut. Five days later, several thousand refugees were massacred in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.
September 11th, 1981 (September 11 1981)EventA small plane crashes into the Swing Auditorium in San Bernardino damaging it beyond repair.
September 11th, 1980 (September 11 1980)EventVoters approve the present Constitution of Chile.
September 11th, 1978 (September 11 1978)EventU.S. President Jimmy Carter, President Sadat of Egypt, and Prime Minister Begin of Israel met at Camp David and agreed on a framework for peace between Israel and Egypt and a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.Jimmy Carter Quotes
September 11th, 1974 (September 11 1974)EventEastern Air Lines Flight 212 crashes in Charlotte, North Carolina, killing 69 passengers and two crew.
September 11th, 1973 (September 11 1973)EventA CIA backed coup in Chile headed by General Augusto Pinochet topples the democratically elected President Salvador Allende. Pinochet remains in power for almost 17 years.
September 11th, 1972 (September 11 1972)EventBay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in San Francisco, California begins regular service.
September 11th, 1971 (September 11 1971)EventThe Egyptian Constitution becomes official.
September 11th, 1970 (September 11 1970)Event88 of the hostages from the Dawson s Field hijackings are releasedied in The remaining hostages, mostly Jews or Israeli citizens, are held until September 25.
September 11th, 1970 (September 11 1970)EventThe Ford Pinto is introduced.
September 11th, 1968 (September 11 1968)EventAir France Flight 1611 crashes off Nice, France, killing 89 passengers and 6 crew.
September 11th, 1965 (September 11 1965)EventThe 1st Cavalry Division of the United States Army arrives in Vietnam.
September 11th, 1961 (September 11 1961)EventFormation of the World Wildlife Fund.
September 11th, 1961 (September 11 1961)EventHurricane Carla strikes the Texas coast as a Category 4 hurricane, the strongest storm ever to hit the state.
September 11th, 1960 (September 11 1960)EventYoung Americans for Freedom meeting at home of William F. Buckley, Jr. promulgates the Sharon Statement.Sharon Tate Quotes
September 11th, 1956 (September 11 1956)EventPeople to People International is founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
September 11th, 1955 (September 11 1955)EventDedication of the first Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Europe, the Bern Switzerland Temple. Jesus Christ Quotes
September 11th, 1945 (September 11 1945)EventWorld War II: Liberation of the Japanese-run POW and civilian internee camp at Batu Lintang, Kuching, Sarawak on the island of Borneo by Australian 9th Division forces. Over 2,000 prisoners, including women and children, were due to be executed on September 15.
September 11th, 1944 (September 11 1944)EventWorld War II: the first allied troops of the U.S. Army cross the western border of Nazi Germany.
September 11th, 1944 (September 11 1944)EventWorld War II: RAF bombing raid on Darmstadt and the following firestorm kill 11,500.
September 11th, 1943 (September 11 1943)EventWorld War II: German troops occupy Corsica and Kosovo-Metohija.
September 11th, 1943 (September 11 1943)EventWorld War II: start of the liquidation of the Ghettos in Minsk and Lida by the Nazis.
September 11th, 1941 (September 11 1941)EventGround broken for the construction of The Pentagon.
September 11th, 1941 (September 11 1941)EventWorld War II: U.S. Navy ordered to attack German U-boats.
September 11th, 1941 (September 11 1941)EventCharles Lindberg s Des Moines Speech accusing the British, Jews and FDR s administration of pressing for war with Germany.
September 11th, 1940 (September 11 1940)EventGeorge Stibitz pioneers the first remote operation of a computer.
September 11th, 1940 (September 11 1940)EventWorld War II: Buckingham Palace is damaged during a German air raid.
September 11th, 1932 (September 11 1932)EventFranciszek Zwirko and Stanislaw Wigura, Polish Challenge 1932 winners, killed in a plane crash as their RWD 6 crashed into the ground during a storm.
September 11th, 1931 (September 11 1931)EventSalvatore Maranzano is murdered by Charles Luciano s hitmen.
September 11th, 1926 (September 11 1926)EventAn assassination attempt on Benito Mussolini fails.Benito Mussolini Quotes
September 11th, 1922 (September 11 1922)EventThe British Mandate of Palestine begins.
September 11th, 1922 (September 11 1922)EventThe Treaty of Kars is ratified in Yerevan, Armenia.
September 11th, 1922 (September 11 1922)EventOne of the Herald Sun of Melbourne, Australia s predecessor papers The Sun News-Pictorial is founded.
September 11th, 1921 (September 11 1921)EventNahalal, the first moshav in Israel, is settled.
September 11th, 1919 (September 11 1919)EventU.S. Marines invade Honduras.
September 11th, 1916 (September 11 1916)EventThe Quebec Bridge s central span collapses, killing 11 men. The bridge initially collapsed in toto on August 29, 1907.
September 11th, 1915 (September 11 1915)EventThe Pennsylvania Railroad begins electrified commuter rail service between Paoli and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, using overhead AC trolley wires for power.
September 11th, 1914 (September 11 1914)EventAustralia invades New Britain, defeating a German contingent there.
September 11th, 1906 (September 11 1906)EventMahatma Gandhi coins the term Satyagraha to characterize the Non-Violence movement in South Africa.Mahatma Gandhi Quotes
September 11th, 1903 (September 11 1903)EventFirst race is held at The Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin. It is the oldest major speedway in the world.
September 11th, 1897 (September 11 1897)EventAfter months of pursuit, generals of Menelik II of Ethiopia capture Gaki Sherocho, the last king of Kaffa, bringing an end to that ancient kingdom.
September 11th, 1893 (September 11 1893)EventFirst World Parliament of Religions conference held.
September 11th, 1891 (September 11 1891)EventThe Jewish Colonization Association is established by Baron Maurice de Hirsch.
September 11th, 1888 (September 11 1888)EventDeath of the Argentine politician Domingo Sarmiento, after whom the Latin American Teacher s Day was chosen.
September 11th, 1857 (September 11 1857)EventThe Mountain Meadows Massacre: Mormon settlers and Paiutes massacre 120 pioneers at Mountain Meadows, Utah.
September 11th, 1847 (September 11 1847)EventStephen Foster s most well-known song, Oh! Susanna, is first performed at a saloon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Stephen Foster Quotes
September 11th, 1814 (September 11 1814)EventThe climax of the Battle of Plattsburgh, a major United States victory in the War of 1812.
September 11th, 1802 (September 11 1802)EventFrance annexed the Kingdom of Piedmont.
September 11th, 1792 (September 11 1792)EventHope Diamond is stolen along with other crown jewels when six men broke into the house used to store the jewels.
September 11th, 1789 (September 11 1789)EventAlexander Hamilton is appointed as first United States Secretary of the Treasury.Alexander Hamilton Quotes
September 11th, 1786 (September 11 1786)EventThe Beginning of the Annapolis Convention.
September 11th, 1777 (September 11 1777)EventBattle of BrandywineMajor American Revolutionary war victory for British in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
September 11th, 1776 (September 11 1776)EventBritish-American peace conference on Staten Island fails to stop nascent American Revolution.
September 11th, 1773 (September 11 1773)EventThe Public Advertiser publishes a satirical essay titled Rules By Which A Great Empire May Be Reduced To A Small One, which is written by Benjamin Franklin.Benjamin Franklin Quotes
September 11th, 1714 (September 11 1714)EventBarcelona surrenders to Spanish and French Bourbon armies in the War of the Spanish Succession.
September 11th, 1709 (September 11 1709)EventBattle of Malplaquet: Great Britain, Netherlands and Austria fight against France.
September 11th, 1708 (September 11 1708)EventCharles XII of Sweden stops his march to conquer Moscow outside Smolensk, marking the turning point in the Great Northern War. The army is defeated nine months later in the battle of Poltava, and the Swedish empire is no longer a major power.
September 11th, 1697 (September 11 1697)EventBattle of Zenta
September 11th, 1683 (September 11 1683)EventJohn III Sobieski of Poland arrives on Kahlen Hill, leading to the Battle of Vienna the next day.[1]
September 11th, 1649 (September 11 1649)EventSiege of Drogheda ends: Oliver Cromwell s English Parliamentarian troops take the town and execute its garrison.Oliver Cromwell Quotes
September 11th, 1609 (September 11 1609)EventExpulsion order announced against the Moriscos of Valencia; beginning of the expulsion of all Spain s Moriscos.
September 11th, 1609 (September 11 1609)EventHenry Hudson comes across Manhattan Island and the natives living there.
September 11th, 1541 (September 11 1541)EventSantiago, Chile, is destroyed by indigenous warriors, lead by Michimalonko.
September 11th, 1297 (September 11 1297)EventBattle of Stirling Bridge: Scots led by William Wallace defeat the English.
September 11th, 1226 (September 11 1226)EventThe Roman Catholic practice of perpetual adoration begins.
September 11th, 1185 (September 11 1185)EventIsaac II Angelus kills Stephanus Hagiochristophorites and then appeals to the people, resulting in the revolt which deposes Andronicus I Comnenus and places Isaac on the throne of the Byzantine Empire.
September 11th, 0506 (September 11 0506)EventThe bishops of Visigothic Gaul meet in the Council of Agde.
September 11th, 0009 (September 11 0009)EventBattle of the Teutoburg Forest ends.

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